I decided to try something different this time with my pics and just simple use SL WL( Wind light). The guys over at Equinox has brought us all something you slaves have been asking for. The Simple Rocks so now instead of cookies you can just throw a rock at the bad guy. Of course free women and men can use it too 🙂 . With an stylish  hip sheath any panther, slave,  free woman or man can rock this.  Also Manna Stoneshield has grace us with The Secret Affair once again and the theme this round is Shhh… I played the Luas gacha machine there and with patience,lots of Ls and time I got the full set in black which I may say even if it is pantherish I’ll still wear it as a slave.

  1. Luas The Huntress Staff RARE
  2. Luas The Huntress Top Black
  3. Luas The Huntress Skirt Black
  4. Luas The Huntress Headpiece RARE
  5.  Hip Belt Sheath (:[Equinox]:. Simple Rocks)



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