As you know We<3 RP! is full under swing and there is some wonder items there. Tia Biscuit released a very stunning piece called the [Tia] Viscount Chaise Lounge and it’s one them items you want to grab as soon as possible. Besides your single sits,cuddles, dominant and sex animations it has a 5 button texture hud that you color your lounge with. She makes wonderful pieces and this is one you gonna want to have in your home. Don’t forget to stop by The Fantasy Gacha and hit her gacha machine called the [Tia] Beatrix Cuffs. If you did miss the event you can always stop the  [Tia] store to see if the gacha machine is  out there. Who knows you might see a few more items you want to grab  Enjoy=)

  1. Moon Elixir – Chakra – 12 – Maitreya – Sweater – Charcoal –
  2. [Tia] Beatrix Cuffs or here [Tia] store
  3. [Tia] Viscount Chaise Lounge ( her flicker =)  https://www.flickr.com/photos/tiabiscuit/27527739685/in/dateposted/ )



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