If you haven’t been to the Kawaii project yet  now is the time to go. with lots  of  cute items there a certain gacha machine caught my item and that was the { V I N C U E } & Kibitz – machine and us girls know the duo never lets us down with any releases they work on together. Don’t forget to swing by and pick up the new  Doux hair release made by the L’etre owner that is currently available at the fetish fair.<3 * Side note I rez my paddle sheath to use as decor not weapon its self and Bombur’s Black is a weapon but it can’t be rez as decor  *


  1. Chair-[Tia] Masters Weekend Chair
  2. Side Table-[Tia] Masters Weekend Chair
  3. Outfit-{ V I N C U E } & Kibitz – Hakie+Set [Maitreya] Noir ULTRARARE
  4. Heels-#EMPIRE – Aubreita (unpacked) –MP
  5. Hair-DOUX – Roshambo hairstyle [Naturals]
  6. Paddle- Equinox#Wooden Paddle [Box]   * This is a gorean weapon!*





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